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Home Exchange- Thai CurryHome swap is an absolutely ideal time to disconnect and do all those things we’ve always wanted to do but have never gotten ourselves to do. And one of the most fun and interesting aspects of a home swap is that you have a kitchen exclusively for yourself to experiment and explore different culinary worlds. But when you home swap you don’t only get a kitchen but you have the possibility of going down to the local supermarket and use the local ingredients giving your meals an authentic taste!

Let’s say you home exchange in Thailand, wouldn’t it be lovely if you could cook yourself a nice green curry with rice, or a delicious coconut curry with noodles! Did you know that Thai food is usually cooked with fresh herbs? With a home swap you can quickly go down to a market and not only buy the fresh herbs but also have the change to pick them out yourself!

If you home exchange in Italy the variety of pastas and brands to choose from are so many that if you don’t have a local recommend to you which one is the best, it can be very confusing! But imagine how much you can cook especially having all the pastas and cheeses at your disposal. And just for your personal general knowledge, pasta is not originally from Italy, but from China! Marco Polo brought it back with him from his sailing expedition when he went to trade with China.

Now imagine exploring Spain and having the opportunity to explore the Mediterranean cuisine through the kitchen of a local Spanish. You will be able to pick and choose the hams and cheeses and accompany them with a nice piece of baguette bread with a little tomato coating. And if you are a seafood lover, try cooking your own paella in your home swap kitchen! You will be able to take back home the ingredients and keep the Spanish spirit alive even while you are back home!

The amount of local cooking you can do is just immense. No doubt that with globalization we get ingredients from different places in our own cities, but the feeling and excitement isn’t just quite the same as cooking in a local destination. So in your next home swap, explore the supermarkets, explore the kitchens, stir and boil and fry and let your kitchen be filled with the delicious odorof a local cuisine.

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