Bali: The land of fresh coconuts

Jun 20th, 2012 - by

There is nothing that will quench your thirst as delicious and as fresh as having coconut water. But we aren’t talking about the coconut water you get in a supermarket, but you the  fresh coconuts that are sold on the road side. It is such a fascinating and unique experience and such a fulfilling one too that who wouldn’t love to drink some coconut water while they are walking around the streets of Bali.

Actually, coconut water is very commonly found in Africa, Southeast Asia, the Pacific Islands, and the Caribbean. Because the weather there is tropical, there are hundreds of coconut trees all over these regions ready to serves us such a refreshing drink. Because the coconut trees are tall, it is very interesting to observe how local people climb up the tall trees with a think and long “knife” and cut down the coconuts. Once the coconuts have been collected each vendor collects them in a cart and serves those thirsty individuals the coconut by chopping the top part off. This way a whole is formed where a straw is placed for you to drink! Coconut is known to be a fruit that cools your body, and it is extremely consumed by everyone living in such warm climates.

For those who’ve never tried it, we encourage you to live this wonderful coconut experience while you swap your home in Bali! It is absolutely hygienic and delicious!

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