New York Series: Old is Gold in the New York Post

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New York is a city that no matter what time of the day, something is always happening. So much so, that one can even go on to assume that a newspaper established in New York cannot run out of ideas! And such is the case of the New York Post known to be the city’s oldest newspaper that is still operating today. Known for its captivating headlines and it’s long life in the city that marvels everyone, the New York Post is what many new yorkers would consider as old is gold.¬†

The newspaper was founded by an alumni of the Columbia university, Alexander Hamilton during the 19th century and immediately took a liberal standpoint opposing slavery and supporting the 14th Amendment of the Constitution (which gave the blacks the right to be considered citizens of America). Although the first newspaper founded in New York was the New-York-Gazette in 1725, the New York Post was able to hold on and become the oldest one newspaper still operating.

In 1993 the Rupert Murdoch took over the newspaper and ever since it has been criticized for taking a sensationalist approach, it was considered to portray the views of the Murdoch group rather than news.

In spite of it all, The New York Post is still one of New York City’s classic must knows for house swap exchangers. Every city is filled with lots of successful¬†stories and New York Post is just one of those many examples of the prevalence of history in today’s world.

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