Home Swap: It is the time of the year to plan your holidays

Mar 05th, 2012 - by

hallwa yfrom the living room leads to master bedroom suiteIt is March, an ideal month of the year to start planning your holidays if you haven’t already thought about what you are going to do this Easter and this summer. And because going for a home swap has so many advantages many people have opted for this wonderful alternative of travel. But the process of booking a hotel and agreeing on a home swap is slightly different. Unlike a hotel where you can book your room immediately, home swapping is more of a process because you not only get to choose the home you wish to swap with, you get to get to know people and converse about what exactly you would like. Everything is much more catered to you and you get to live experiences with the things you want, the way you want. 

But one must keep in mind that in a home swap both parties have to be somewhat flexible. Dates have to match, needs and wishes have to be fulfilled and agreed upon, trust has to be built, friendship has to grow and then the exchange happens. In todays world we are used to paying money for what we want and getting it instantaneously but swapping homes is the total contrary. And that’s why collaborative businesses are starting to boom. People now want things that money can’t buy, people want to travel affordably and starting to realize that what’s the point in spending when we can share instead! Isn’t that the principle we were taught when we were kids?

Home exchange is about getting to know the other party and feeling comfortable with the exchange; because after all you’re exchanging houses. So one must understand that planning a home swap does take a little time and cannot expect it to happen in one day. But the sooner you plan the better it is, not only because you get to choose the home you want before someone already starts closing an agreement, but also why wait for the last minute when you can prepare and having everything under control now? So what are you waiting for, you have the whole world to choose from, go for a house swap exchange and enjoy this wonderful way of traveling!

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