New York Series: The Pizza Principle

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Pizza rates and transport rates walk hand in hand in New York City. How can this be? Back in the 60s when the inflation along with other reasons caused the price of the slice of pizza and a subway ride to raise at exactly the same rate. In the 1980s the same thing occurred astounding everyone that couldn’t find any empirical evidence to justify this strange coincidence! ¬†In spite of the decades having past this curious link between pizza slices and subway tickets is still talked about today in the papers in New York classifying it as the Pizza Principle. But where can we find delicious slices of pizza in New York?

Pizza is just one of those things you can find anywhere in New York, but then again, it all depends on the neighborhood you are in. But there are some places we highly recommend to enjoy a nice pizza in New York. How about visiting the restaurant where the first pizza of New York was served? Lombardi’s was licensed by the City of New York, becoming¬†America’s First Pizzeria. Located in Little Italy in New York, it is here where the famous New York Pizza evolved from!

Grimaldi is a very famous pizzeria in New York, located near the Brooklyn Bridge, the pizzas are cooked in a coal oven. It is always crowded but the the taste is worth the wait! Keste is also known to be a very famous pizzeria where the base of the pizza is slightly thicker, a little more inclined to the pizzas one may find in the land of pizza, Napoli.

And to enjoy a nice slice of pizza quick to go we suggest you visit the Artichoke. Not the cheapest slices you can find but certainly one of the most tastiest. Home swap exchanger who are also pizza-addict will feel like in heaven. And to enjoy a normal slice of pizza at ANY time of the day we recommend you visit Joe’s Pizza which is simple, tasty and worth a bite!

If you ever are on a home exchange in New York and wish to have a nice pizza do visit one of the places mentioned above because as the saying goes, “Some things only happen and can be done in New York…”

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