Ohio: Time to Pick a Juicy Apple

Dec 15th, 2011 - by

How would you feel if you could pick up your vegetables and fruits directly from where they came from? No intermediates, no middle man. Just you and nature. Pick ‘N’ Save Orchard is a wonderful place where you can pick your own fruit from the farm!

But you can’t go and pick on any random day! There are few informations you should be aware of when planning your home exchange nearby. There are specific dates to pick and choose the fruits you want! But what’s really unique about this place is that there are people to assess you. Every week there are different varieties of apples that you can choose from and the farmers help you and guide you as to what apple is more suitable for baking, for eating…Along with the picking there are other activities for children to learn about nature and the production of fruits.

It is a wonderful getaway for families and children and much more economical. You pay exactly for what you buy. And there is one thing you know for sure, that the apple you are eating, is turly, fresh and juicy!

If you ever visit Ohio do stop by and pick a few apples for your home swap experience!

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