Fast Food Gastronomy

Nov 04th, 2011 - by

Part of the appeal of traveling to new countries is exploring the gastronomy unique to each city. Though, let’s face it, we all want a quick meal on the go every once in a while. Whether time is of the essence or you just want a quick cheap eat, you may find yourself sitting in a fast food restaurant. When traveling abroad, step out of your comfort shell and don’t resort to comfort foods soaked in grease from McDonalds. But if you do feel the urge, look past the universal McDonalds, and try fast food chains only in that region. You may be surprised that not all fast food has to be unhealthy. has comprised the five best fast food chains around the world. Check their reviews to get a better insight into the interpretation of fast food in other countries. Fresh food of high quality in dining areas that are far from the plastic booths of fast food restaurants you may have in your hometown, it may even fit into your latest diet or be worth the cheat of your strict regime.

Now, the next time you have the urge to grab a “fast food” meal while traveling, you’ll know where to go.

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