Knok Series: Looking for Your House Swap Partner

Oct 11th, 2011 - by

Once you’ve completed your profile, including pictures and a description of your home, you are now ready to find your ideal partner! The key to finding your ideal swapper is preparation, flexibility, and communication. By already having your profile complete, you can use that as a springboard to connect with other home exchangers. Knok is a social media platform that encourages its members to experience home exchange and travel ideas with each other to help increase the quality of traveling and living like a local in foreign cities around the world.

Preparation is one of the most important factors in planning your next vacation, so try to get tips ahead of time from other swappers on Knok that live in cities that interest you. Knok members are home swap exchangers, and world travelers. Inquiring interest and tips in their hometown can help immensely in planning ahead for exchanging in that city, and will prepare you even more for living like a local when you arrive.

Begin by looking for homes in the cities you would like to swap. Once finding a handful of top homes you would like to exchange with, reach out to explain why your home would be a good match for them and how interested you are in visiting their city. Try to relate to what they are looking for from their description. If you have your heart set on a home that is looking for something you don’t offer, like a swimming pool, offer other benefits that they may be interested in, such as a large private back yard or a swimmable lake nearby in your neighborhood.

Even if your immediate ideal home isn’t interested, keep the lines of communication open with friendly correspondence because it could allow for a swap in the future with them or from friends of theirs that may be interested. Your response rate and continuing to reach out to a variety of members will generate more inquiries to your listing.

Be flexible! If you have certain dates that you are looking to exchange on, we suggest that you start looking early. The earlier the better, and more chances of finding the ideal swapper. Having flexible dates and corresponding with a variety of home exchangers will also increase your chances of finding the best swapper for your needs. The least flexible you are, the less chances of someone else being able to swap within the same time period.

By following these simple steps of preparation, flexibility, and correspondence, you can find yourself with a bevy of homes to choose from. When you have the ability to choose from a variety of interested home exchangers, your popularity will increase, granting greater visibility of your home in the database amongst other users. This then makes finding a partner a cinch, and allows the option to line up vacation exchanges months in advance. With a worldwide database of house swap members, your ideal home exchanger is just a click away.

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