Advantages of Home Exchange: Live Like A Local

Sep 19th, 2011 - by

Traveling the world has never been easier through house exchange. The costs are drastically reduced and you can enjoy the comfort of feeling like you are home away from home. Both of these qualities grant a new insight into traveling and living like a local. You no longer are living out of your suitcase in a hotel room, and this simple pleasure will open your eyes to new ways of seeing a neighborhood, it’s city and all it has to offer through the eyes of a local.

Some of the best home exchanges share their favorite activities and must see places of that city. We ask that both exchangers during the swap try to offer the same hospitality by providing itineraries or any local tips they can to their home exchange partners in order to have the best experiences. This way, you no longer have to feel like a lost tourist, but instead a knowledgeable local.

One of the greatest experiences of house swap is the new perspective you gain by experiencing the world in new ways. Traveling to new cities takes time to adjust to find your way through the city, learning its temperament, and where to spend your time and money. Now those worries can be avoided by gaining advice from your home exchanging partner. When home exchangers take care of their host’s home, and follow Knok’s guide to being a good home swap exchanger, many times they may find a new friend in their swappers and be invited back as guests. The opportunity to make friends around the world is at your fingertips, and learning to live like a local in foreign cities has endless probabilities.

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