Taipei City is the capital of Taiwan . Situated at the northern tip of Taiwan, Taipei is located on the Tamsui River; it is about southwest of Keelung, a port city on the Pacific Ocean. wikipedia

Taipei Taiwan

The Perfect Day in Taipei

Although it’s still largely off the Asia travel circuit, Taipei is a must-see for anyone. Steeped in history and culture, Taipei provides its visitors with world-class restaurants, picturesque monuments, exotic night markets, and intoxicating temples – all in a safe, cosmopolitan cityscape. Of course, one could easily spend months in Taiwan’s capital city without experiencing […]


Top 10 Things You Shouldn’t Miss in Taipei

1. Eating stinky tofu. – It smells like sweaty feet or socks that have been balled up and stuffed in a rubber shoe never to be laundered again. But if you want to say that you’ve really been to Taipei and make your stay here an extra special one, conquering a serving of stinky tofu […]


A Day in Taipei, Taiwan

I lived in Taiwan for six years and, although I traveled around the country a lot, I never spent much time exploring Taipei. So, when I went back for a visit last year I was excited to see all the attractions that I’d heard about. I only had one day, so I tried to pack […]