Write an article about your city and you could win a Kindle and flight tickets for your next vacation!

Each month the blogger with the most voted post wins!
Win a Kindleand a chance for a
Grand Prize

The contest is open for entry submissions until the 31st of December 2013
with a prize awarded to the winner at the end of each month for 4 months.
All participants will be entered to win the grand prize of two round trip airline tickets.*

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How to participate

1 All entries MUST be submitted as a Word Document or RTF (rich text file) with IMAGES attached as "jpeg", "png", or "jpg" files to rp@knok.com.

  • All entries MUST adhere to one of the following categories:
  • 1. Perfect Day In Your Perfect City. - These articles will talk about the most original plan or activities a visitor could do in your city of choice. The goal is to show the reader the true character and distinguishing features of your city and leave them with the desire to visit your "perfect city".
  • 2. The Best Family Plan In The City. - These articles will feature family-friendly cities and activities. Giving parents some great ideas about things to do and places to visit with their kids. Advice on transportation, restaurants, parks, and more will give the readers some great ideas for their next family trip.
  • 3. The Best Local Food. - These articles will feature one or more great local food experiences. Maybe your city of choice is famous for a particular kind of food, this is your chance to share that food with the world, it's recipe, it's flavors, where it's sold,...and don't forget to describe how it tastes!
  • 4. List of Plenty. - These articles will be in list-format with one image per list item to highlight the "can't miss" or "top 5/10" things about your city! Get creative and don't forget to set your list up with a good introductory and closing paragraph.

3 Each month, the most voted post will win a Kindle ebook. Knok will contact the winners at the end of each month.

4 If your submission is chosen to be included in the 100 Cities Travel Edition Online Guide we will contact you via email with the link to your published post with the chance to enter the raffle for the grand prize of two round trip airline tickets for your next vacation.

5 Once you have your post's link, it's up to you to share it via Facebook, Twitter, or any other social channel to get as many votes as possible! Hint: submit your post at the beginning of the month to give yourself more time to acquire votes.

Submission Guidelines:

Articles will be judged on the following:

  • Word Count - More than 400 words per article.
  • Article must be original and not previously published online or in print.
  • Entries must be written in the first person.
  • Interesting and exciting content that we can't find anywhere else!

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