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Abu Dhabi Beaches
Abu Dhabi

It’s Always Sunny in Abu Dhabi

If you are looking for a holiday spot where the sun is guaranteed to shine, skip Philly. Let’s be honest. It is sometimes sunny in Philadelphia, but it is always sunny here in Abu Dhabi. Yes, it is a city in the middle of a desert. Yes, it is smack dab in the Middle East–a […]


My top things to do in Aarhus

Since moving here, I have discovered that Aarhus is a wonderful city. It’s the perfect size to live in, and it offers everything you could need as far as atmosphere and entertainment for those just visiting. I suggest that you see Aarhus in the summer, as it’s really the best time to visit. The sun […]

Alhambra Granada

Top 10 things to do in Granada, Spain

People are often familiar with the Alhambra palace or the free tapas served in Granada, but there is so much more to the city. I hope by reading this post those who come to my beloved city will find the best it has to offer! Granada’s Top 10: 1. The Alhambra Palace and Generalife is […]

Boston on the Charles

A Perfect Day in Boston

Boston is a wonderfully walkable and green city, steeped in history and rich in culture. In a single day you can experience moments of the American Revolution along the Freedom Trail, Chinese-American culture in Chinatown, and a taste of Italy in the North End. Boston is home to world-class museums and universities that offer a […]

Los Angeles Pier
Los Angeles

Just Another Perfect Day in LA

They say it’s always 75 degrees and sunny in Los Angeles, and you know what? That’s actually mostly true. We in LA wear our clichés with pride – after all, they’re what make LA so famous, aren’t they? A perfect day in LA (which is not hard to pull off) makes the most of the […]


A Perfect Day in Freiburg

Freiburg is a city attached to nature. The Black Forest isn’t just nearby, an arm of it comes right down into the center of town as Castle Hill.  It is also a city of relaxation and enjoyment of outdoors. There are a few sites to see, but the best aspect of the city is really just […]


My Perfect Day in… Rotterdam

This post is part of the initiative ‘100 cities to home swap before you die‘ from Just to clarify, this is about my perfect day in a city rather than a post about home swapping. I have chosen Rotterdam because I was there recently and very pleasantly surprised by it. I had heard precious […]

Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv – Go for it!

I would like to share the greatest city in the world – Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv is located in Israel and it’s considered to be THE center of Israel. It’s the main city for parties, pubs/bars, dance clubs, you name it! This wide range has no real unifying line – on the contrary, anything goes. […]

New York

My perfect day in Brooklyn

My perfect day in Brooklyn actually begins in Manhattan, at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge.  Wear sunscreen and good walking shoes, come with a stroller for your littlest ones and consider renting bikes (our favorite way to go). You’re going to cover a lot of ground today. Find the pedestrian path and walk (or […]

kristen cut

My favourite city? Athens

I never thought I would be the kind of mother that travels all over the place with three young children. Now I find myself living in Athens, Greece, a world away from everything I grew up with, and loving every second of it. Athens is a wonderful place to travel as a family. It is […]