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University of Ottawa Campus

I’m Véronique Eshaya.  I am a communication and political science student in the CO-OP Program at the University of Ottawa. I am a Global Edge Ambassador, currently working in Barcelona.  I am fortunate enough to be here in Barcelona thanks to my university, the CO-OP program and Global Edge.



Books are nice, but what does the University of Ottawa offer outside the classroom?

Getting involved on campus is really the best way to make the most of the university experience. No matter what your interest is, you can find something to get involved in and make a difference. Whether you are interested in joining an academic, cultural, political, philanthropic, recreational or religious club, there is truly something for everyone! Taking part in OxfamUO and AIESEC has definitely expanded my knowledge and understanding of the world around us and it certainly complemented my field of study.


What makes University of Ottawa stand out in a crowd?

Another great thing about studying at the University of Ottawa is having the chance to partake in the CO-OP program. This program gives students the chance to apply their knowledge acquired in the classroom lectures to the real world work environment. We alternate study and work term semesters, and have the possibility to work in the public or private sector; and get paid too! I feel absolutely fortunate to have been a part of CO-OP as well as the Ontario Global Edge programs. Ontario Global Edge provides a scholarship to students who wish to work abroad to learn about the entrepreneurial world within small or medium sized companies in the global economy. CO-OP and Global Edge have made it possible for me to work in Barcelona and have the best experience of my life to date.


Why does Ottawa make other cities so jealous?

My university is located in Ottawa, the capital of Canada.  This location is perfect for a political science student, like myself, because it is the seat of the Canadian Government.

It is important to note that Ottawa is a relatively small city (under 1 million inhabitants), which boasts cultural venues, entertainment and outdoor activities comparable with any other capital or large cities in the world.  This multicultural cosmopolitan city is also rated as one of the safest cities to live in.

Incidentally, Ottawa has a lot of world-class museums, concert halls and a professional hockey team.  We also have the Rideau Canal, which runs across the city center and is the world’s longest skating rink; it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In the winter, we traditionally skate on the canal and stop along the way to eat beaver tails (which are NOT actual beaver tails, but deep-fried dough with cinnamon).


Where can you get the best local bites in Ottawa?

The city offers a variety of great restaurants and bars, from “fine cuisine” to Irish and English pubs, including gastronomic presentations from the four corners of the world.  In my opinion, the best local bite in the city would be at Vineyards Wine Bar Bistro  located in the Byward Market! Vineyards has great food and a selection of over 300 wines and over 80 beers imported from all over the world. You can even get advice from their in-house experts as to which drink would complement your meal the best! This is really a great place to go chill and have a couple of celebratory drinks, especially after the end of a major group presentation or a semester of classes!


The University of Ottawa is the largest bilingual university in the world and is located in the heart of our nation’s capital, which is what makes it unique. Bilingual, engaging and empowering are three words that describe the university. It gives you the opportunity to study in English, French or even in both languages if you choose to.


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