Perfect Day In San Jose – 5 Must Do’s

The Capital city of Costa Rica and its surroundings can easily be the most varied region of the whole country. In it you can find lush forests, museums, cultural venues, hotels, markets, restaurants, bars, spanish schools, shopping malls, a great nightlife and everything else you might need. Just as many other Central American cities it is not very popular. That’s too bad! People are missing out on so much! This bustling city has tons of fun things to do for all ages.

5 Things to Do in San Jose

1. Central Market – This is the largest market in the city and an amazing place to really blend in with locals and learn about their daily lives. You will find it right on Avenida Central and will never want to leave. It is a one block complex of stall and shops where meat, veggies, fruits, coffee, seafood, handcrafts and even prepared traditional food can be found.

San Jose Market

2. Avenida Central – I just mentioned this one and lots of you might not know what it is. It is a street in the heart of the city, just 200 meters away from the Central Park. What makes it special is that it runs for about 1.5km and is packed with shops and restaurants on both sides. As you walk through it you will find the national theater and the museum of gold, among others.

3. Eating at an authentic Soda (local eatery) – Lots of travelers go for what they already know when it comes to food. San Jose is a city where you find a few of the larger fast food chains and other restaurants that offer international food. But, when in Costa Rica it makes sense to try at least once the local, traditional food. The best places for it are the little sodas that are scattered all over the country.

4. Central Park – This is more of a square than a park but it is a beautiful place with palms where you can sit back and relax from all that walking that you probably have been doing. On one side of it you see the Cathedral, you also see a theater, both of which you can visit.

5. Museums – The city has many museums, but my favorite one by far was the Children’s Museum. What was once a prison is home to this amazing place where kids and adults can have fun and learn.

San Jose with kids

San Jose City is without a doubt a must visit not only in Costa Rica but in Central America. As you explore it you will find tons of interesting attractions other than the ones I just mention. I promise you won’t regret it.