7 Must-Eat Tapas In Barcelona

20130627_204331Barcelona is my favorite city, what can I say… it is where I lived most of my life. One thing that makes it extra special is the food!

Seafood, fish, tapas, veggies and salads, paella…we have it all. Just make sure to create a check list so you don’t miss any of these must-eats!

What are Tapas?

Tapas are small dishes that are made to share with a group of people,  perfect for catching up with old friends. Similar to appetizers, they are ordered and shared among everyone at the table.


Here are my personal favorites, the 7 Must-Eat Tapas of Barcelona: 

1. Patatas Bravas: cube potatoes fried with mayonnaise and spicy sauce










2. Bombas: round mash potato fried with breadcrumbs and on the inside stuffed with spicy meat.











3. Chocos: squid cut in strips and deep fried; very typical to eat it with lemon juice squeezed on top.

pimientos del padron








4. Pimientos del padrón: little green peppers that are randomly spiced. You might get one that is hot as hell, but most of them are mild. They are seasoned with salt.

5. Pulpo a feira: very typical fish from Galicia, it is a dish of octopus cut boiled and cut in pieces seasoned with olive oil and red pepper along with potatos.

6. Croquetas: croquettes are very typical in Spain. The usual is chicken croquettes, but they can be made from Iberian ham, boletus, cod etc…

7. Tortilla de patatas: potato omelette, made with fried potatos and onion, the thicker the better.


Besides Tapas, Barcelona has a great deal of culinary variety. Here’s a look at other foods that make my heart (and stomach) sing.

Fish and seafood

Cod, seabass, sole, mussels, crab, lobsters, prawns, squid…We have a wide variety of them and different kinds of dishes to enjoy fish.The best neighbourhood to enjoy it is Barceloneta, it used to be the fisherman area as it is the area right in front of the sea. There are plenty of restaurants that have sea food.


This is one of our pride and joys, who doesn’t love paella? Veggie paella, seafood, meat, and arroz negro (black rice coloured by the squid ink)…There are different options and they are all delicious! I have just one warming: some restaurants sell the “paellador” brand, which is a frozen paella, and not the real thing! I recommend you avoid it and go for the authentic dish of the Mediterranean.






We have good meat as well, typical Catalonian meats are called “botifarres”, which is a kind of sausage made from pork. Also, there are cured meats such as ham, mortadella, fuet, and chorizo!

I hope this post has got your appetite good and strong. Now I recommend you do a little research before coming to Barcelona so you can find the perfect place to taste test them all.