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Edinburgh, my hometown

Edinburgh, my hometown.  There’s no better small city in the world.  It’s perfectly packaged. It’s all walkable.  There’s exciting history, there are fabulous restaurants, there are world-class cultural events, galleries and museums and, if you come in summer, sometimes there’s even some sunshine. To start your perfect day in Edinburgh, get up early.  Drag yourself out of bed when […]

Taipei Taiwan

The Perfect Day in Taipei

Although it’s still largely off the Asia travel circuit, Taipei is a must-see for anyone. Steeped in history and culture, Taipei provides its visitors with world-class restaurants, picturesque monuments, exotic night markets, and intoxicating temples – all in a safe, cosmopolitan cityscape. Of course, one could easily spend months in Taiwan’s capital city without experiencing […]

City View

A Perfect Day in Melbourne

  Melbourne is one of those cities that you fall for instantly; it has a soul. So, although a day might only scratch the surface of the world’s most liveable city (three years running), it’s enough to get you hooked. No day in Melbourne can start without a coffee. Cafes abound in the funky, north-east […]

06. Portuguese Cheeses

Portugal: Eat Your Way Around Lisbon

When you’re in a new place, there are many ways of trying to get acquainted with the local culture. Walking around historical sights, making friends with people who live in the city you’re visiting or, my favorite, sampling the local cuisine. No matter what your style of travel is, food is something that will inevitably […]

Science Museum. Image by Karen McCann

5 Quirky Things to Do in Seville

  If you think Seville is all about sunshine, sangria, and flamenco, think again. Because this ancient city also has a quirky, eccentric, even sinister side, lurking in the shadows of back streets where few tourists ever venture. Let’s take a stroll together down some of those little-known byways to visit a few of the […]


Top 10 Things You Shouldn’t Miss in Taipei

1. Eating stinky tofu. – It smells like sweaty feet or socks that have been balled up and stuffed in a rubber shoe never to be laundered again. But if you want to say that you’ve really been to Taipei and make your stay here an extra special one, conquering a serving of stinky tofu […]

Abu Dhabi Beaches
Abu Dhabi

It’s Always Sunny in Abu Dhabi

If you are looking for a holiday spot where the sun is guaranteed to shine, skip Philly. Let’s be honest. It is sometimes sunny in Philadelphia, but it is always sunny here in Abu Dhabi. Yes, it is a city in the middle of a desert. Yes, it is smack dab in the Middle East–a […]


My top things to do in Aarhus

Since moving here, I have discovered that Aarhus is a wonderful city. It’s the perfect size to live in, and it offers everything you could need as far as atmosphere and entertainment for those just visiting. I suggest that you see Aarhus in the summer, as it’s really the best time to visit. The sun […]

5. Hualin Temple (1)

Five cultural landmarks in Guangzhou

Guangzhou is the capital of Guangdong province, in southern China. China’s third largest city is conveniently located at the top of the Pearl River Delta, two hours by train from the former European colonies of Hong-Kong and Macau. The city has a long history which is reflected on its cultural landmarks. Here is a list […]


Bergen, Norway – 10 Places To Experience History!

As an American who has lived in the Bergen area for almost seven years with my Norwegian husband, I have the unique perspective of being both a tourist and a native. I love the “visuals” of this beautiful country; watching how the mountains, sea, and fjords affect the weather patterns is something I never get […]